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SmartPAC PRO and ShopFloorConnect help manufacturer monitor presses, protect dies and boost throughput

MetalForming Magazine

Jim Finnerty, Product Manager at Wintriss speaks with Brad Kuvin, Editorial Director of MetaForming Magazine about industry trends and new product developments.


Fab Shop Magazine Direct

Wintriss Controls and ShopFloorConnect help a premier Texas stamping company use data capture and reporting to unearth inefficiencies.

Highly customizable, interactive reports give fabricators the insight they need to make shop floor improvements

Manufacturing Today

Manufacturing Today profiles Chicago-area manufacturer ands long-time Wintriss power user Wiegel Tool Works.

SmartPAC PRO and ShopFloorConnect help manufacturer monitor presses, protect dies and boost throughput

FF Journal

Combination of controls and software helps manufacturer monitor presses, protect dies and boost throughput...


Metalforming Magazine

"Being able to remotely monitor each press makes it easier to troubleshoot our production, especially during an off-shift where management may not be around."

Highly customizable, interactive reports give fabricators the insight they need to make shop floor improvements

FAB Shop Magazine Direct

Highly customizable, interactive reports give fabricators the insight they need to make shop floor improvements...

SmartPAC PRO and ShopFloorConnect help Tier One Auto Supplier's bottom line

Canadian Fabricating and Welding

What initially started as an afterthought turned out to be a huge benefit for F&P Manufacturing Canada...


Article - FabShop Magazine

This article explores the productivity and efficiency increases that the SmartPAC PRO press controller creates on the pressroom floor...


Todays Medical Devices

Jim Finnerty, Wintriss Controls Product Manager, explains how implementing automated data collection can improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness...

Featured Image

Article - FF Journal

Context is important. Data by itself does not help resolve manufacturers’ problems like the bottlenecks or production process missteps that result in unnecessary waste...


Press Release - FF Journal

Building on the proven functionality of the ProCamPAC PLS, the new “PRO” PLS features additional timing options that provide unprecedented flexibility and functionality...

ShopFloorConnect is the Gold Standard for Automated Data Collection

Editorial - FF Journal

The gold standard was formalized prior to 1812 to back the value of paper banknotes. This monetary regime is no longer used, but the phrase became synonymous with a benchmark for quality...

Wintriss Controls News

Today's Medical Developments Magazine Highlights ShopFloorConnect

This Q & A article explains how implementing automated data collection improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - critical for medical manufacturers to maintain productive operations.

ShopFloorConnect OEE and Data Collection Software

Wintriss Controls at Eastec

New Wintriss Online Store and Expanded Sensor Line

Wintriss Controls Group is entering the world of e-Commerce with our new Wintriss Online Store. Every item in the store has been carefully selected to deliver superior performance in metal stamping applications.

The Wntriss Online Store

A the same time we're expanding our offering of electronic sensors for die protection with dozens of new items tailored to the needs of metal stampers that are working to mistake-proof their dies.

Shop Online Now...

FABshop Magazine Details Productivity Gains from SmartPAC PRO

A new article in FABshop Magazine explores the productivity and efficiency increases that the SmartPAC PRO press controller creates on the pressroom floor.

"The way to run more efficiently to achieve more productivity from your stamping press is to automate as much as possible," Jim Finnerty, Wintriss product manager, says in the article.

SmartPAC PRO automates your stamping press

FABshop Magazine notes that SmartPAC PRO simplifies the automation process by centralizing all of a stamping press's control requirements in one location.


FFJournal Highlights SmartPAC PRO Features

Star power of its own. That's what a recent FFJournal article said our SmartPAC PRO press controller is generating.

The article touted SmartPAC PRO's "dual-core processors, user-configurable dashboards, unlimited tool setups and the ability to connect machines and collect unbiased data in real time."

The Wintriss SmartPAC PRO featured in FF Journal

The author also detailed the press controller's ability to talk with other machines, decreasing the number of screens that operators need to deal with. The article noted that our newest press controller acts as a centralized repository for data required to run a press and ancillary equipment.


Wintriss Controls Announces a New Flagship Press Automation Controller

Smart-PAC PRO Offers Large Color Touch Screen, Remote Access and Backward Compatibility

ACTON, MASS. (January 23, 2018) -- Wintriss Controls Group announces the release of its new SmartPAC PRO press automation controller. The SmartPAC PRO features a vibrant touch screen interface, dual-core processors, user-configurable dashboards, unlimited tool setup memory, and the ability to share setups among networked SmartPAC PRO units.

The new SmartPAC PRO architecture supports advanced connectivity features such as remote access from PCs and mobile devices, email messaging, and compatibility with Wintriss's IIoT production tracking solution ShopFloorConnect, all the while maintaining backward compatibility with all legacy SmartPAC 1 and 2 modules, including the DiProPAC die protection system, ProCamPAC programmable limit switch, WaveFormPAC tonnage signature monitor, WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake control, and others.

The Wonderware® hosting option enables the SmartPAC PRO to run independently-created third-party HMIs for associated automation, reducing the number of screens required on the press.

The SmartPAC Pro's new tool summary screen enables users to view the entire contents of each programmed setup on a single screen, provides a place for users to place notes for the job, and can be exported to a USB disk as comma-separated values.

Users can create custom home screen dashboards to display the information they use most often. These dashboards can be named and saved in the favorites menu, and quickly recalled any time.

The company debuted the SmartPAC Pro press automation controller at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago in November.

"We saw significant interest both from current customers seeking these types of upgrades and new prospects," said Mark Hatch, President of Wintriss Controls. "Customers who have come to appreciate the reliability of SmartPAC controllers will find a host of new features that further improve their metal stamping operations."

About Wintriss Controls Group
Wintriss Controls Group, of Acton, Mass., is a leading manufacturer of automation and safety products for the metal stamping and forming industry. The company's product range includes automation and clutch/brake controllers, custom consoles, safety light curtains, die protection systems, load analyzers, in-die quality control systems, and ShopFloorConnect production reporting and OEE tracking software.

For more information, visit Wintriss at www.wintriss.com or call 800-586-8324.

Wintriss ShopFloorConnect Software Generates Tool Maintenance Alerts

Wintriss Controls today announced a new capability for its popular ShopFloorConnect Production Tracking and OEE software. ShopFloorConnect now has the ability to automatically generate text and email alerts when stamping dies or other tooling is due for maintenance.

Each alert is a custom text or email message that is sent to selected recipients whenever preset conditions are met at a machine. The alerts can be used to notify an operator when an unattended machine has stopped running, to alert management when a critical customer job goes down, or to summon specific resources when specific conditions exist at a machine - such as automatically notifying a fork lift driver when a scrap bin needs to be replaced. ShopFloorConnect can generate multiple alerts for each machine, and select recipients according to their individual work or shift schedules

"This feature provides our customers with a new set of tools to improve productivity", explains Jim Finnerty, Product Manager for ShopFloorConnect. "Because they can respond more quickly to each event, users have been able to significantly reduce downtime - even on machines where further process-related downtime reduction was considered cost-prohibitive."

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