SmartPAC PRO - RamPAC Shutheight and Counterbalance Control

Save setup time by automatically adjusting shutheight, counterbalance, and die cushion pressures with each tool/die change.

RamPAC Shutheight and Counterbalance control

RamPAC saves you time and money by automatically adjusting shut-height, counterbalance and die-cushion pressures with each tool/die changeover.

  • Improves productivity by reducing set-up time
  • Automatic shut-height adjustment helps keep parts uniform from run to run
  • Saves energy with correct counterbalance settings for each tool
  • Increases clutch and press life
  • Accurate counterbalance and die-cushion pressure setting every time

Shutheight Initialaztion Values
Shutheight Initialization Values

Counterbalance Initialization Values
Counterbalance Initialization Values

Counterbalance Programming Menu
Counterbalance Programming Menu