WPC 1000 - Wintriss Clutch / Brake Control

With the WPC 1000, you get built in Wintriss quality and technical support in an easy to use, cost effective, and reliable clutch/brake control for secondary applications.

  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI B11.1-2009 and OSHA 1910.217 regulations, including Control Reliability.
  • Resolver-based, for accuracy and long-term reliability
  • High-visibility LED crank angle and speed display
  • Built-in real-time brake monitor to monitor stopping performance.

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  • Interrupted stroke provision significantly improves pressroom productivity
  • Micro-inch capability improves set-up
  • 3 available user-defined inputs (including 1 cross-checked pair for safety applications)
  • Self-diagnostic capability quickly identifies problems

WPC 1000 with side-mounted display

Optional Features and Accessories

  • 6-digit counter with a preset
  • Two-channel programmable cam
  • Die block kit
  • Shadow┬« 9 light curtains for point-of-operation guarding
  • Operator stations and T-stands
  • Optional Foot Switch, One-Hand Control and Bar Mode switches for maximum flexibility