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Process Control Products

The Wintriss SmartPAC PRO sets the standard for complete Press Automation Control. With a large 12 inch color touch screen, advanced communications, superior graphics, on-screen help at the touch of a button, and many performance enhancements, it's the most exciting control product since... well... the original SmartPAC!

The SmartPAC PRO Servo brings complete automation control to servo presses. It features a unique self-learning feature that allows the operator to run the machine through its programmed stages, while it automatically captures the upper and lower limits for each stage.

Its unique "masking" feature enables it to monitor sensor inputs and active PLS outputs only on the stages where they are required.

You liked SmartPAC PRO for your mechanical presses - Now you can have it for your hydraulic presses! SmartPAC Pro Hydraulic uses a magnetostrictive linear position sensor to monitor the ram position and saves unique bottom and top return positions for each tool.

Press or die overloading is costly. It not only causes serious damage, but also reduces productivity and part quality. The most effective "overload insurance" is a dependable tonnage monitor. The AutoSet 1500 series of load analyzers provide ease of use and reliable solutions that decrease downtime and improve process control.

The DiPro 1500 provides efficient, simple, and reliable die protection. The DiPro 1500 is intended for basic applications where a typical die requires six or fewer sensors. It is available with an optional 4 or 8-channel programmable limit switch.

The DiPro Sensor Interface (DSI 2) allows you to connect most electromechanical and discrete-output electronic sensors to your die protection control. It features a 24 VDC sensor power supply and pulse stretching for short-duration sensor signals. It's available with 8 or 16 inputs.

Wintriss offers an assortment of electronic and electromechanical sensors, die-mountable junction boxes, and wiring accessories to compliment your die protection system.

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