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FABshop Magazine - Tracking Uptime, Downtime, and Why

Transparency: A New Age in Metalforming Article

Production tracking software puts your finger on your shop's pulse. Knowing when a machine is running or not is a good start. Knowing why is much better...

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You Didn't Notice Your Most Significant Downtime

The downtime events you remember are not the problem – it’s all the stuff you’ve gotten used to that’s killing you.

When it comes to machine downtime, people remember catastrophes; and because they stand out, we assign to them a significance that far outweighs their true impact on our long term efficiency.

For example, everybody remembers the two-day wait for parts when the main drive burned out a year and a half ago, but nobody pays any notice to the extra 5 minutes spent six times per shift waiting for things like QC approval, or raw material, or a maintenance person, etc. Over an 18-month period, these small losses created an extra 24 days’ worth of downtime!

ShopFloorConnect can put real numbers to all losses big and small, and not only show you where to start your improvement program, but help you to track your results, and accurately calculate the return on investment for all of your improvements.

Becoming More Competitive

The Fabricator magazine, in partnership with Amada, recently published an Industry Research Project entitled "Building a Competitive Advantage". This project featured a survey where dozens of metal fabricators were asked a series of questions about their business, customers, processes, and the industry in general.

One of the most important questions asked was, "What problem do you feel has hurt your competitiveness the most in recent years?" These are the results:


Almost three-quarters of responders (72%) indicated one of the top three problems as the most significant hurdle in their quest for competitiveness. In each case ShopFloorConnect represents the all-important first step in overcoming each of these obstacles: Understanding the exact nature of the problem.

Capacity Issues

By measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), ShopFloorConnect can unlock hidden capacity by identifying which machines are underperforming, and why. When under-performance is not an issue, ShopFloorConnect makes it obvious when additional equipment purchases become necessary. In addition, ShopFloorConnect's ability to separately track setup time enables you to streamline the job changeover process, giving you the agility needed to smooth out demand spikes when product mix unexpectedly changes.

Miscommunication of Job Details

ShopFloorConnect's Application Program Interface (API) allows it to retrieve job information directly from your business software and automatically display it at your machines in real time. In addition, the API updates your ERP software when a job finishes and a new one starts.

Also, whenever something goes wrong, ShopFloorConnect can immediately summon the appropriate personnel to the machine that requires attention using the built-in alert feature.

Personnel Problems

In addition to tracking underperforming machines, ShopFloorConnect tracks downtime and efficiency by operator, allowing you to direct additional training where it is necessary.

ShopFloorConnect at Pack Expo 2015

Mixer Direct rated the "18 Most Interesting Companies" at the Pack Expo 2015 show in Las Vegas. Of course, ShopFloorConnect was included in that list:

ShopFloorConnect® Announces New Application Program Interface (API)

ACTON, MA, April 13, 2015 - Wintriss Controls Group today introduced a new data-sharing capability for its popular ShopFloorConnect OEE and Downtime Tracking software.

The new Application Program Interface (API) is a SOAP 1.2-based web service that automates Job Queue Management and data transfer between the scheduling functions of existing ERP/MES software and the ShopFloorConnect software/hardware.


Wintriss Controls Group to be a Part of How2Media's "World's Greatest!..." TV Series

ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS, June 23, 2014 - How2Media, the producers of the television show "World's Greatest!...", announced today that they have recently selected Wintriss Controls Group to be a part of the popular television series and it will be aired on June 30th and July 7th, 2014.


ShopFloorConnect® Software Now Sends Conditional Text Alerts

Acton, Massachusetts, August 8, 2014 - Wintriss Controls Group today announced a new capability for its popular ShopFloorConnect Asset Management and OEE software: ShopFloorConnect now has the ability to automatically generate conditional alerts from any machine.  

ShopFloorConnect can send conditional text alerts

Each alert is a custom text or email message that is sent to selected recipients whenever preset conditions are met at a machine.   The alerts can be used to notify an operator when an unattended machine has stopped running, to alert management when a critical customer job goes down, or to summon specific resources when specific conditions exist at a machine - such as automatically notifying a fork lift driver when a scrap bin needs to be replaced.   ShopFloorConnect can generate multiple alerts for each machine, and select recipients according to their individual work or shift schedules.


Here's a short video from Fabtech 2013:

Wintriss Introduces New Asset Utilization Software, ShopFloorConnect®

ShopFloorConnect Automatically Logs Downtime and Reasons in Real Time

ACTON, Mass., February 5, 2013 - Wintriss Controls Group is a leading manufacturer of data collection software widely used in the metal forming industry.   The new ShopFloorConnect software features expanded capabilities for the discrete manufacturing, packaging, and food and beverage industries.   ShopFloorConnect is now collecting data from metal stamping presses, press-brakes, laser cutting machines, turret presses, machining centers, automated saws, welders, injection molders, paint lines, and packaging machines amongst others.

ShopFloorConnect displays real-time status information for all machines on your PC or mobile device - without having to install any special software.   It automatically delivers reports showing downtime analysis, OEE, etc, and provides the vital real-time data that is missing from many ERP and MES systems.

ShopFloorConnect is a turn-key solution that is scalable and flexible, and can be quickly implemented into any discrete manufacturing environment.   It comes factory-configured to communicate directly over your LAN with the ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI).

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI) is installed on any machine, and using only two readily-available control signals can track the machine's operating status, production rate, and parts count (where applicable) - all with no operator involvement .   It also has a touch-screen display which allows the operator to select a downtime reason from a user-configured menu. The SMI has built-in Ethernet connectivity to communicate with the ShopFloorConnect server over your existing network.