Data Collection Software Components

Here is a description of the software components that are included a ShopFloorConnect Installation:

ShopFloorConnect OEE System Diagram

The Factory Viewer
The Factory Viewer is name of the web browser interface for ShopFloorConnect. In addition to displaying the status of your factory in real time, the Factory Viewer allows you to create detailed reports, configure report delivery, manage users, and make settings to tailor ShopFloorConnect to the needs of your organization.

The Factory Viewer will run on any PC or mobile device running a graphic web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Edge, or others.

The Database
The database stores all of the production information and "feeds" the ShopFloorConnect Report Manager and Factory Viewer. ShopFloorConnect uses Microsoft’s SQL database (your license or we can include SQL Express). Microsoft SQL is the most widely used database in the world. The database is highly scalable – it can easily grow with your needs. If you need to share data with other software, We have an Application Program Interface (API) to communicate with your scheduling software.

The ShopFloorConnect Reporting Interface is built into the database and is fully accessible through the Factory Viewer. The Report Interface allows you to configure reports by date range, shift, machine, part (or any other important parameter), and/or operator. For example, you could specify that you want a report showing production data for 4 of your machines, while they were making 10 specific parts, being run by 5 selected operators, on third shift, delivered to you as an Excel document at 6:00AM on weekdays. Once configured, you can save the settings as a new report. You can create as many new reports as you wish - there is no limit to the number of report configurations that ShopFloorConnect can store.

Data Logger
The data logger is the "engine" that drives the data collection process. It retrieves the data from each control, sorts it, and puts it into the database. Its powerful capabilities enable us to communicate quickly with the SmartPAC or ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface on each machine, and bring the data to you in real time.

The Report Server
The Report server controls the automatic distribution of the reports. Reports can be sent via email to any recipients that you chose, or posted as links into the database that can be viewed in a web browser by anyone with appropriate access. Also, once you've set up the distribution schedule, the Report Manager will automatically generate and distribute the reports.