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Real-time Production Tracking Software

ShopFloorConnect® OEE and Shop Floor Data Collection Software collects downtime and production efficiency data from every machine in your factory, displays it in real time, and produces indispensable manufacturing reports (including detailed OEE reports) in a variety of formats.

This scalable and flexible production monitoring system is well-suited for manufacturers in a variety of industries, including discrete manufacturing, metalforming, metal fabrication, food, beverage and packaging, and provides superior OEE calculations that accurately report overall equipment effectiveness for the most complex manufacturing environments.

ShopFloorConnect makes shop floor data collection easier than ever before. Our production tracking software provides machine downtime and manufacturing efficiency reports via a web browser and e-mail and can integrate with existing ERP systems. Learn more about this shop floor data collection software.

ShopFloorConnect in the News

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Podcast - Tackling Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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Do You Place A Dollar Value on Downtime?

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Production Tracking Software Features

Production tracking software

Real-Time Displays

ShopfloorConnect's Factory Viewer displays current machine status and production efficiency in real time on any web browser including mobile devices.

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ShopFloorConnect machine downtime reports

Powerful Reports

Your manufacturing data, your way. Our software's browser-based reporting interface allows you to create production reports in a variety of formats and deliver them automatically.

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Machine downtime tracking programmable alerts

Programmable Alerts

ShopFloorConnect machine downtime tracking automatically sends text/email alerts to specific recipients based on preset conditions from any machine.

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See ShopFloorConnect in Action

ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI 2)

Our Turnkey Machine-mounted Hardware Enables Rapid Implementation of our Production Tracking Software

Shop floor data collection system

Collects Data Automatically

Tracks Uptime, Downtime, and Cycle Counts

In addition to automatically counting parts and tracking machine uptime, the SMI 2 allows you to create a machine-specific downtime reason menu to enable the operator to indicate why a machine is stopped.

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Manufacturing data collection

Connects to any machine

simplifies manufacturing data collection. It's easy to use and easy to install.

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI 2) can be easily adapted to any machine. Installation is a snap, It requires only one or two commonly available electrical signals from the machine.

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Production tracking software ROI

How much will you save?