The Factory Viewer

ShopFloorConnect's Factory Viewer brings the "Visual Factory" to life, and enables you to monitor the status of your machines in real time.

The Equipment Summary displays a real-time overview of all of the machines connected to ShopFloorConnect.   It shows each machine's current status, and features up to three user-configurable lines that can display job or machine specific information.

Factory Viewer Equipment Summary

The Performance Summary displays a chart showing the current performance efficiency of every job in your shop.   Color-coded bars with user-definable performance thresholds enable you to quickly identify nderperforming machines.

ShopFloorConnect Machine Detail Page

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Detail page displays additional detailed information collected from the machine during the current job, shift, or day.   The pie chart displays machine state by duration.

ShopFloorConnect Machine Detail Page

The machine Downtime Detail displays the reasons for downtime, the number of occurrences of each reason, and the total duration for each reason.  

ShopFloorConnect Downtime Detail Screen

The Event Log is a time and date stamped 'list' of everything that happens at the machine.   Any time a job is changed, the machine starts or stops, as well as the reasons for downtime are stored in the Event Log. There are columns for time and date, event description, event duration, operator, current job, and count.

ShopFloorConnect Event Log